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Advertising technology

Our ad tech addresses and strengthens direct communication
channels with the consumer

Our ad agency monetizes content and products more efficiently than 3rd parties through direct and preferred programmatic sales

Coupled with a unique dynamic ad insertion technology offering (DAION), ICARO can monetize the explosive-growth market of Addressable TV (expected to grow 75% in 2022) as one of a select few IAB/Google partners allowed to use a third-party tool for ad serving and measurement for FasTV ($4.1Billion market in 2023).

Helping to increase the Impact caused to your audience in a more personal way while guaranteeing the user’s privacy and building your audience’s loyalty. Our Ad Platform was developed to help increase engagement to larger audience’s while continuously evolving itself to appeal to their personalized needs.

With all the above in mind our AD Technology is created around compliance requirements and the General Data Protection Laws in mind

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Direct Communication Channels

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Constantly Evolving with AI

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Loyalty-building Ecosystem

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