The platforms

Artificial intelligence

The ICARO AI platform detects breaking news events and critical information from verifiable sources many times faster than any other news source. Artificial intelligence technologies are integrated across the entire ICARO ecosystem, providing robust insights that allow for hyper-focused analytics, increased advertising opportunities, and new monetization capabilities across e-commerce and premium partner integrations. 

ICARO AI gives our partners everything they need to keep their customers engaged.

ICARO AI also enables end consumers to personalize ICARO products based on their interests and behaviors. The platform optimizes delivery and audience engagement with digital content by detecting breaking news events and critical information from verifiable sources with a focus on speed, verification and accuracy.

Our Advantage

Boundless information, endless personalization

Content aggregation

Sourced across premium content partnerships, social media, and breaking news alerts

Smart content

By utilizing Wikidata our AI understands relationships between content types, and connects with the appropriate audience

AI Aggregation, detection and verification

Safety & Security, Traffic, Health & Natural Disasters

End-user focus

Our AI recommendation system suggests content that is most relevant to the user at the right time

Audience segmentation and monetization

Smart division of audience into impactful groups and association with high-impact monetization

Real-time information

The latest information brought with speed, accuracy, and verification

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