The platforms

Digital content exchange

Our digital video and audio platform provides media management capabilities and streaming services for Live and Video on Demand.

We deliver content to some of the world's largest publishers

This scalable video and audio platform leverages ICARO’s artificial intelligence solutions to support seamless delivery to our multi-platform apps.

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Comprehensive Platform

A cutting-edge software as a service (SaaS) solution for organizing, hosting, discovering and distributing content

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Streaming Services

Full support for Video on Demand (VOD) consumption and Over-the-Top (OTT) distribution models.

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One-Stop Sourcing

Content publishers can, from a single source and contract, access a global network of content partners with extensive libraries of content

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Full Portfolio Oversight

Publishers can manage their content portfolios to maximize internal and external content distribution opportunities

Multimedia Toolsets

Live rewind, catchup, multi-audio, multi-language, content protection, geofencing, and more

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Flexible Taxonomy Tools

Crosswalk disparate taxonomies from content creators into in-house standards; or into publishers' categories and keywords

Case Studies

See how we have helped partners just like you.


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