Doctors and journalists at Treepple Tailored Health News make quick sense of the latest medical research for VOS viewers.

NEW YORK – April 24, 2019  / VOS Digital Media Group has entered into a content distribution agreement with Treepple Taiored Health News. Treepple is a startup invented at the Missouri School of Journalism – the “World’s Journalism School.”  Treepple’s award-winning editorial process and proprietary tailoring engine enable custom news generation such as the product for VOS.  As a video partner for hundreds of digital properties, VOS distributes digital video to hundreds of domains in the United States and Canada for web, mobile and OTT devices. News publishers from around the world will be able to access Treepple’s evidence-based healthcare content on their digital properties.

“We’re very excited to announce VOS’s most recent partnership with Treepple, one of the nation’s most innovative health news providers,” stated Paul Feller, CEO of VOS Digital Media Group. “The weekday digest of breaking medical findings and hot-topic health news stories coming from the Treepple newsroom will be a valued product for our publishers and television stations.”

Treepple CEO, Dr. Glen T. Cameron, has stated that the digital revolution in media makes traditional health messaging staid and stale.  “People want health stories relevant to them personally that can lead to greater personal well-being.” Co-Founder Mugur Geana adds that health information made with the Treepple tailoring engine is specific to the individual without turning him or her off.

About VOS Digital Media Group

VOS is a global digital media exchange and technology platform that provides a seamless process for content ingestion, meta-tagging and curation, localization, and search optimization to enhance revenues for content creators and distribution to media companies. We specialize in providing and maintaining content sales and sourcing scalability, reducing labor and resource costs, eliminating errors in metadata assignment and extraction, and drastically decreasing the time to market for both digital media content providers and media publishers in digital video, audio and gaming.

About Treepple Tailored Health News

Glen T. Cameron (Ph.D. U-Texas 89) began work in 2001 to tailor health news in a major federally-funded center for excellence for top health communication researchers.  Ten years of focused research funded by several agencies and foundations led to a keen sense of the need to reinvent health news. He and team members received prestigious awards from agencies, foundations and U.S. Congress. Cameron’s groundbreaking research to revolutionize the news-making process took flight from academia into the real world with the arrival of a Romanian MD and medical publishing entrepreneur in his research center.  Mugur Geana, MD, shared Cameron’s drive to personalize and customize health news for greater impact in individual lives. Cameron and Geana quickly developed their ideas into a viable product, shared copyright with their universities, and licensed the technology to form Treepple LLC. Today, Treepple provides a number of innovative products that offer “hi relevance/low reactance” to health news consumers. After a five-year learning curve, Treepple’s lean, “highly-scaled” newsroom provides rapid, low-cost storytelling to publishers.