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August 7, 2019 New York, NY.  VOS Digital Media Group announces a strategic content distribution agreement with Medical News Minute, a video production studio creating physician-delivered critical health information for professionals and consumers. As a video partner for hundreds of digital properties, VOS distributes digital video to partners for web, mobile, and OTT devices. VOS’ partner publishers from around the world will now have access to Medical News Minute’s catalog of state-of-the-art health information videos from physicians.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Medical News Minute as a premium video partner in the Health and Wellness vertical for VOS,” stated Paul Feller, CEO of VOS Digital Media Group. “Via the VOS platform, Medical News Minute will be delivering up-to-date, credible, unbiased health information and news directly to both a domestic and international network of media partners. Medical News Minute’s physician-centric approach to storytelling,  optimizes health information video inventory as an exciting new option for brands, media partners and publishers partnered with VOS.”

“The need for the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute health information has never been greater for payers, providers, publishers, and – most importantly – individual users,” according to Robert Lazzara, CEO for Medical News Minute. “You see, the global patient engagement market is expected to surpass $40B by 2024. And whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or smart TV broadcast media and video where they’re going to be the primary source of health information worldwide.  And who delivers the most trusted, credible health information? Well, it’s physicians. With complete control over quality and credibility, Medical News Minute is a scalable, cost-efficient, health information network with daily video productions and a large content library of videos curated and delivered only by expert physicians whose sole purpose is to create premium health content for worldwide distribution only for trusted partners.”

About VOS Digital Media Group
VOS is a global digital video exchange and technology platform providing a seamless process for bringing together content creators and media companies. We specialize in providing and maintaining content sales and sourcing scalability, reducing labor and editorial costs, eliminating errors in metadata assignment and extraction, and drastically decreasing the time to market for both video creators and buyers.

About Medical News Minute
The Medical News Minute library provides the latest in health information, presented and curated by physicians. We create content that enhances point of care, provides both professional and patient education and improves patient outcomes. Utilizing our ever growing library of medical content, we can help you instantly launch a branded video subscription service for the web, along with custom branded apps that give your viewers an incredible user experience on all digital platforms.