New branding aligns with Focus on AI-Powered Digital Media and Technologies for Global Partners

NEW YORK, June 24, 2020 –
Icaro Media Group, the digital media technology company formerly known as VOS Digital Media Group which includes the recently-merged company SKYY Digital Media Group, today announced an all-encompassing rebrand.

The company’s rebranding is an essential next step in its evolution as it merges strategic technology platforms as part of a global expansion and expanding value proposition. The name ICARO is a South American shaman colloquialism for “magic song to induce a profound state of healing, awareness and amazement.”

Icaro Media Group’s new brand identity and associated website launch ( ) is the most recent step in the ongoing strategic evolution of the newly-merged VOS Digital Media and SKYY Digital Media Groups’ turnkey digital media technology solutions for telcos and digital brands. Icaro (pronounced ˈikaɾo), will continue to expand on its unique direct-to-consumer product suite while also providing B2B and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology products. Offerings include extensive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, personalized content programming, a contact video exchange platform providing global geo-technology for subscription and PPV, data aggregation, advertising, e-commerce, Telemedicine Cloud Video exchange and voice-activated technology opportunities for partners.

“The ICARO™ brand not only represents our expansion and focus as a premier global media technology platform contender, it represents a new chapter for our employees, partners, and customers,” stated Paul Feller, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Furthermore, ICARO translates in all languages and is easily pronounced which is very important as we prepare to launch our new voice-activated technologies. As LATAM, North America and EMEA provide extensive expansion opportunities within our growing network of media technology partnerships, we’re excited to embrace a new brand identity evoking a theme that aligns with our company. While our innovative technology is not exactly ‘magic,’ the ways in which our products effortlessly transform our partners’ expectations around revenues, audience, and content personalization can certainly make it seem that way.”

Icaro’s combined content verticals include Sports, Entertainment, Music, Health and Wellness, Finance, and Breaking News, augmenting a deep toolset of media management platform options for partners and customers. ICARO puts the power of media access back in the telcos’ hands. A SaaS platform, augmented by AI-powered direct-to-consumer products, gives media companies and global telcos the ability to grow revenues, build audience, and access turnkey solutions to stay competitive in an evolving media and technology marketplace.

Icaro’s platforms support multi-language digital content to a growing list of publishers, telco partners and media groups. Primary languages will include English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. Icaro is headquartered in New York, with international offices located in Sao Paulo, Mexico City, and London.

About Icaro Media Group
Icaro empowers Global Telcos and Media Companies to create personalized content offerings and experiences for their customers complete with artificial intelligence technology, fastest breaking news features, real-time analytics, and advertising and E-commerce integrations.

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