VOS Digital Media Group Now Offering Videos from SP/\CEMOB Studio

SP/\CEMOB video content helps publishers and brands expand their digital video strategies

July 25, 2019 New York, NY.  VOS Digital Media Group announces a content distribution agreement with SP/\CEMOB studio, an Answer Media brand and video production studio focused on helping publishers and brands expand their digital video strategies. As a video partner for hundreds of digital properties, VOS distributes digital video to partners for web, mobile, and OTT devices. VOS’ partner publishers from around the world will now have access to SP/\CEMOB studio’s compelling videos spanning more than a dozen different content verticals.

“SP/\CEMOB’s focus on custom video content crafted with a multi-platform digital audience in mind is a perfect fit for many of our publisher partners,” stated Paul Feller, CEO of VOS Digital Media Group. “”With their 20 years of experience writing, producing and creating award-winning films, TV shows and news production, the SP/\CEMOB studio team is uniquely qualified to deliver compelling video content for the brands and publishers partnered with VOS.”

SP/\CEMOB studio president, Eric Keith, says of partnering with VOS, “We are excited to begin working with VOS Digital Media Group. This partnership should put more eyes on our content and help us leverage more revenue from a wider distribution channel.  VOS know the digital distribution space, and we could not be happier to be working with them.”

About VOS Digital Media Group

VOS is a global digital video exchange and technology platform providing a seamless process for bringing together content creators and media companies. We specialize in providing and maintaining content sales and sourcing scalability, reducing labor and editorial costs, eliminating errors in metadata assignment and extraction, and drastically decreasing the time to market for both video creators and buyers. http://www.vosdmg.com


SpaceMob is a next generation video production studio focused on helping publishers and brands create affordable, custom video content that engages users across multiple digital platforms. The business was co-founded by two award-winning filmmakers, Eric Keith and David Huffman, and Emmy award winning journalist, Rory Glaeseman. SpaceMob has done video production work for mid-tier, lesser known publishers as well as well-known names in the industry like Time, Inc., Ranker, Fandom and Bonnier.

SP/\CEMOB content engages users across multiple digital platforms. On-site, mobile, Facebook, and YouTube each require individual attention and thought. SPACEMOB studio’s videos receive millions of views and are incredibly valuable for enhancing user engagement and increasing coveted on-site ad inventory.  SPACEMOB management has worked as a publisher, or alongside publishers, across nearly every vertical, from 24/7 News Cycle content to Health and Entertainment. SPACEMOB is a division of Answer Media (www.answermedia.com), one of the nation’s most diversified digital media and advertising technology companies. http://www.space-mob.com