The Solutions

Creating new opportunities for monetization and detailed audience insights while delivering true value for end-users

We help telco partners monetize personalized experiences

ICARO delivers personalized content experiences using proprietary content libraries. We personalize your platform and introduce AI data capabilities. End users get the most relevant content including the world’s fastest-breaking news technology.

Our innovative solutions

Turnkey solutions for engagement and monetization

ICARO Engagement Portal

Deep personalization across partner-branded content experiences


AI-driven interface

Fastest-breaking news capabilities and recommendations

White-label Experiences

Partner-branded content experiences


Flexible Monetization

E-commerce, direct and programmatic advertising, licensing, and upselling

Endless content verticals

News, Sports, Finance and more from dozens of providers


ICARO’s entire collection of platforms and solutions in one consumer-facing package

Engagement options

Choose from free streaming, ad-supported, live channels, and on-demand movies and TV shows


Options for consumer-facing products across web, native apps (iOS and Android), progressive web app, and connected devices

Top-tier functionality

Live rewind, catch-up, favorites, social sharing, and AI-driven content recommendations 

Truly turnkey 

Content aggregation, media management, hosting, customizable media experiences, serving, and  monetization


The most comprehensive OTT (Over-the-Top)  platform offering on the market

Complete OTT Solution

A full turnkey solution for lean-back streaming

Telco-grade video experiences

Livestreaming and Video on Demand (VOD) from a dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Recurring revenues

In-App Purchases (PPV), “Freemium Content,” and direct & programmatic ad sales

Hyper-targeted content

ICARO AI delivers deeply relevant content to audiences

AI-driven audience growth

New reach, new audience, new revenue opportunities

Customizable content programming

Long-form video, short-form video, livestreaming, and more

Comprehensive content

Expansive variety of licensed content for partner-branded experiences spanning all media types

One-Stop Sourcing

Access a global network of content partners with an extensive library of content through a single source and contract

Full Portfolio Oversight

Manage your content owned-and-operated content alongside licensed 3rd-party sources to maximize content distribution opportunities

Voice interfaces

Voice-driven discovery and UX capabilities can be integrated across ICARO products


NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is the key to being able to respond to commands and questions

Navigation context

Navigation Context is essential for Voice interfaces

Speech to text and text to speech

Speech to Text and Text to Speech are commoditized – the difference is in NLU

Question and answer

We have previously built world’s most advanced Sports bots for Messenger and Factoid Question Answering


AI-driven content creation engine creates brand-safe, engaging media at scale

Smart summaries

Summarize any articles reported on the event

First-hand perspectives

Write original content from the social media reports based on eyewitness accounts

Entity detection

Detect entities involved in events, selecting most applicable media 

Question and answer

Publish articles to internal workflows for QA and directly across ICARO ecosystem


We monetize content and products more efficiently than the competition

ICARO’s own ad agency

We create efficiencies that 3rd-parties can’t match

Audience targeting

Hyper-targeted segmentation based on endless criteria through AI


Increased contextual advertising opportunities through AI

Premium inventory

Cross-screen inventory at scale for maximum visibility