Build Audiences.

Generate Engagement.

Increase Revenue.

ICARO platforms create solutions for growth and monetization

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Monetize and optimize your digital experiences

We’ve brought industry-leading media tech platforms together to create AI-powered products and services that allow partners to monetize their audiences more effectively.


Intelligent audience and content matching

Connect your audience with personalized content experiences, and collect insightful user analytics and business intelligence.


Smart monetization driven by AI

Make the most of your revenue-generating opportunities with constantly evolving advertising, E-commerce, and upsell potential.


Increased customer lifetime value (CLV)

Your relationships with your customers matter, so create the meaningful  experiences that make these connections last.

Unlock untapped
revenue streams

Grow your business with insightful user analytics and AI-driven customer engagement.  Our solutions reduce the complexity of creating multi-screen experiences while boosting performance.

We can help

Get the tools and expertise to help you see added audience value and go to market fast.

AI-powered digital advertising

Our ad tech addresses and strengthens direct communication channels with the consumer

Expert-led partnerships

Our global team of experts from cities around the world understands your unique needs

Powerful learning algorithms

Artificial Intelligence technologies are integrated across the entire ICARO ecosystem

Detailed User Analytics

Comprehensive data collection boosts engagement and revenues

Multi-platform delivery

Storage, asset management, ingest and playout toolsets in one comprehensive turnkey package

AI-enabled audience segmentation

Hyper-targeted audience segmentation based on endless criteria through evolving AI

Telco-grade media experiences

Livestreaming and Video-on-Demand (VOD) from a dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Comprehensive Content Options

Expansive variety of licensed content for partner-branded experiences spanning all media types

We know what works for you.

Decades of experience building products for 100s of millions of users
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