Powered By TITAN AI

AI enhances sales with increased contextual advertising opportunities

We deliver targeted ads based on user behavior and device context, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions.

Programmatic Sales

We generate direct and indirect deals through the main SSPs and DSPs in the market: Google, Magnite, Smart+ and Xandr.

AI-powered revenue optimization: This enables us to secure both guaranteed and auction-based deals, maximizing reach and revenue.

Optimized campaigns, maximized yield: Our AI optimizes pricing, targeting, and campaign management, leading to higher fill rates, increased yield, and improved ad performance.

Direct Sales

We offer direct sales services to maximize your inventory and reach hundreds of advertisers and digital agencies.​

AI-driven reporting : We provide real-time insights into campaign performance, allowing you to optimize your sales strategy and maximize results. 

Effortless scaling for your advertising business: AI streamlines the sales process, automates tasks, and delivers real-time insights, allowing you to scale your ad sales efficiently and effortlessly.

Optimize your business with ICARO’s AI media solutions.

Our AI-powered solutions give telecom and media companies the tools they need for new ways to monetize and engage their users and optimize their operations.