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ICARO’s Critical Event Notification System (CENS) is a unique, real-time
event identification system that can identify, authenticate, geo-locate
and deliver intelligence relative to fast breaking events, on a local,
regional, national and international scale.

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By combining advanced machine learning and AI, events can be detected in real-time as they are reported in social media. Our algorithm ensures that the information comes from trusted sources, located in the geographic vicinity of the event in question. Relevant verified and filtered information is delivered to the appropriate individuals allowing them to act in a proactive and responsive manner.

The need to discern between real and fake news introduces additional challenges that have been overcome in our system through machine learning algorithms.

Whether a man-made or natural event, CENS is able to assess millions of data sources, in real time, and deliver timely, accurate and verified intelligence to clients. Information pertaining to any event, world-wide or local, is delivered to our consumers well before traditional and existing media sources.

Our solution allows personnel react appropriately to unplanned and unpredictable events at home and abroad. Clients are able to respond immediately.

Our Advantage

ICARO’s algorithm is a result of years of research into natural language processing

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Entity Extraction

Our AI platform uses the state of the art entity extraction algorithms across multiple languages in order to isolate the essence of what entities are talked about enabling tagging as well as adding entity dimension to event sources.

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By utilizing contextual information and presence of other entities, our algorithms are able to discern between entities that might have the same surface/name but are actually different which enables more accurate semantic representation of the content.

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SPAM and Topic Classification

Our AI is able to classify information from the perspective of spam, offensive content, and other undesired content, as well as perform topic categorization into high-level categories to highest degree of accuracy in a multilingual setting.

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Geography and Media Extraction

Our geography and media extractors are highly tuned and take into account context and presence of entities to disambiguate geographical locations that might sound the same but are actually in the wrong part of the world.

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Sentence Thought Vector Representation and Sentence Similarity

Our AI platform has developer state of the art embeddings for the multilingual content that is utilized in conjunction with many other features to perform highest accuracy sentence similarity as well as content grouping.

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Detection of Anomalies in Multi-Dimensional Information Flow

By observing baseline patterns of occurrence of mention of entities in social media, our AI algorithms are able to detect early occurrence of anomalous behaviour in the entity, geo, topic multi-dimensional space and detect earliest possible events from social media.

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