News Studio

Powered by titan ai

Platform evaluates relevant topics in real-time, creating original fact-checked AI-generated articles ready for publication

Original AI Content

Generates engaging, verified and brand-safe news stream for audiences using TITAN AI, resulting in cost reductions and higher engagement

Relevant Media

Fully-licensed accompanying images and credits​ for rich media experiences

Streamlined Operations

Reduces content creation costs and complexity while boosting quality and output​

Accelerated Publishing

Small teams can use ICARO AI to dramatically increase the number of unique articles published per day ​

Flexible Plans

Available as both SaaS (Software as a Service) license or through subscription to AI Content Studio feeds​ with multi-language options in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Optimize your business with ICARO’s AI media solutions.

Our AI-powered solutions give telecom and media companies the tools they need for new ways to monetize and engage their users and optimize their operations.