ICARO™ anuncia parceria com o Sportito, líder em fantasy sport

Collaboration leverages ICARO partnerships, with next-generation online fantasy sports platform to include Soccer, Football, Tennis, Basketball and more

NEW YORK, NY, December 6, 2022 – ICARO™ Media Group, Inc. a Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sector company, today announced a partnership and product launch with fantasy sports leader Sportito in Brazil. Brazilian fans can now enjoy an elevated gaming experience across multiple sports in Sportito’s Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) experience on TIM Brasil’s TIM News app.

Users can draft their fantasy teams from professional players’ rosters in just a few minutes, giving them the choice of picking an all-star fantasy team or scouting for the underrated players on the roster. Head-to-head contests, 5 or 10-person match-ups, or open competitions are all open to players on Sportito. Soccer fans can join competitions with matches from the World Cup, the German Bundesliga, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League and many other tournaments. Brazilian users can take advantage of advanced features including live stats, head to head contests, and real-time scoring.

“ICARO is an amazing partner with strong connections in the Latin American market, making it incredibly easy for us to provide our customers with quality service and a varied sports entertainment offering,” stated Sportito CEO Riccardo Mittiga. “LATAM is the home of some of the most passionate young sports fans. The median age is 28.6 years, and the population is growing at a rate of 1.09%, with 44% of the population under 24 years old.  Football players there compete in stadiums that seat from 40,000 to more than 85,000, and are often full to capacity; Estadio Atzeca in Mexico City alone is the 7th largest stadium in the world. Therefore, these Latin American markets are a natural fit for Daily Fantasy Sport offerings from Sportito brought to audiences through ICARO.”

“Fantasy sports is rapidly growing globally and is expected to surpass 48.6B subscribers by 2027 according to Allied Market Research,” stated Paul Feller, Chairman & CEO of ICARO Media Group, Inc. “Fantasy sports soccer (football) provides an amazing engagement tool for our growing audiences and we are excited to announce our seamless integration with our partner Sportito. This partnership and product integration is a perfect example of the holistic approach ICARO takes to maximizing the connection between our telco partners and their subscribers. Whether it’s fantasy sports, eCommerce, online gaming, promotions and giveaways, or live concerts, our products are eminently customizable to meet the needs of our diverse global partners and their audiences.”

Fantasy Sports fans in Brazil can enjoy Sportito on TIMNews:  https://fs.timnews.com.br/contest/


About ICAROICARO™ empowers Global Telecoms, Media Companies and Broadcast Networks in Latin America, North America and Europe. ICARO™ creates personalized content offerings and digital experiences for their customers. Through both its SaaS platform and AI-powered direct-to-consumer products, ICARO provides media companies and global telcos the ability to grow revenues, build audiences, and access turnkey solutions to stay competitive in an evolving media and technology marketplace. The ICARO platform features include access to a premium content library in several languages, international content distribution solutions, advanced geofencing controls, e-commerce integrations, advertising integrations, multimedia management and curation tools, metadata enhancement and optimization, channels and playlists, and video management and hosting. ICARO’s platforms support multi-language digital content to a growing list of publishers, telco partners and media groups. ICARO is headquartered in New York, with offices located in Toronto, Boca Raton, Bogota, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Rome, and São Paulo. For more information, please visit www.icaromediagroup.com.

About Sportito
Sportito was launched in the United Kingdom in 2016 and has come a long way. Offering users a daily fantasy sports platform with more profit and fun than traditional fantasy sports. Available in UK, Italy, India, Brazil and Mexico, Sportito gives players the chance to win cash or non-cash prizes every day without the need to wait for a whole season to finish.

Since its launch, Sportito has achieved a striking increase in its user base thanks to a growing number of fantasy sports fans. Sportito has signed sponsorship deals with 3 historical English football clubs in the Premier League and Championship Queens Park Rangers FC, Burnley FC and Fulham FC as their official fantasy sports partners to introduce fantasy sports to football fans, reaching an audience of more than 1.5 Million fans in total.

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