ICARO Media Group anuncia José Boralli como vice-presidente executivo para o Brasil

Prior President of AFRIKA, BBDO, AND GRUPO ABC Leads ICARO Brazil To Advance Digital Solutions Strategy in Brazilian Marketplace

NEW YORK – September 21, 2022 – ICARO™ Media Group, Inc. a Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sector company, today announced the appointment of seasoned digital advertising agency executive José Boralli as Executive Vice President to lead the expansion of ICARO’s TMT operations in Brazil and expand other Latin American markets for ICARO’s in-house Digital Advertising Agency.

Mr. Boralli has decades of extensive experience working with leading digital advertising agencies, telecoms and television networks for brands and corporate advertisers in the Brazilian market. He has served as former President of Global Marketing for services network BFerraz, President for brand experience for agency Momentum Worldwide, President of Afrika, COO of BBD Needham and General Services Director for marketing and advertising firm DM9DDB.

“It is with a feeling of great satisfaction and responsibility that I join ICARO Media Group’s newest division ICARO ADs to further growth the Latin American market,” stated Mr. Boralli. “We have a unique proposition in the market, where we build large audiences and generate new revenues for leading clients. Our solutions create unique conditions for our partners to monetize these audiences, making it an extremely profitable asset. The company has been growing through the acquisition of the best companies and solutions available; a high investment rate that is now prepared to deliver full value to the market.”

“I am excited to announce Jose Boralli has joined our leadership marketing, advertising and business strategy team for Brazil and Latin America,” stated Paul Feller, Chairman and CEO of ICARO Media Group.  “ I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Boralli over the last five years and witnessed first hand the extensive experience, advanced knowledge of the digital media marketplace in Brazil, extensive portfolio of business relationships and proven track record in digital campaigns, sales, and management and know that he is well respected with the the leading advertising agencies, domestic and international corporate brands in advertising and many of the telecoms, media companies and television networks that are relevant to our growth strategies in Brazil, one of the largest economies in the world.”


About ICARO™

ICARO™ empowers Global Telecoms, Media Companies and Broadcast Networks in Latin America, North America and Europe. ICARO™ creates personalized content offerings and digital experiences for their customers. Through both its SaaS platform and AI-powered direct-to-consumer products, ICARO provides media companies and global telcos the ability to grow revenues, build audience, and access turnkey solutions to stay competitive in an evolving media and technology marketplace. The ICARO platform features include access to a premium content library in several languages, international content distribution solutions, advanced geofencing controls, e-commerce integrations, advertising integrations, multimedia management and curation tools, metadata enhancement and optimization, channels and playlists, and video management and hosting. ICARO’s platforms support multi-language digital content to a growing list of publishers, telco partners and media groups. ICARO is headquartered in New York, with international offices located in Boca Raton, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Rome, São Paulo, and Toronto. For more information, please visit www.icaromediagroup.com.

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